Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, would just like to say happy new year from Spank Bad Ass blog and I hope everyone had a good festive period.

I haven’t done a conversational piece in a while so thought I’d write something about a dream/daydream I’ve had recently…

The basic concept was that a nicely spanked bottom is a very festive thing and can add to a ladies’ santa outfits over the holiday season. Perhaps a “good girl” woke up on xmas morning with an unspanked bottom and had to ask for someone to give her a nice, hard OTK spanking to make her cheeks flush and help her celebrate. It would work especially well if she was wearing a tiny santa outfit with a little skirt that left her bottom largely uncovered. It might even be a work xmas party or she may have been working over christmas, in which case she might want to out-do the other ladies in her workplace by going that last extra step. A nice, rosy bottom peeking out under her uniform would bring a warm glow to everyone, especially when it started to fade and she needed to ask someone for a top-up. Perhaps she’d ask her boss in the hope that she’d get a raise or promotion… this would work best if it was the company owner who she rarely got to impress in person.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2013 and there are plenty of sexy spankings happening everywhere!!

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