Spanked OTK for smoking and drinking (movies)

Spanked OTK for smoking and drinking

Here is another set of vocal spanking clips – this girl gets lectured all the time as she’s spanked for drinking and smoking! Again, the interaction between the teacher and naughty student is great as the strict teacher lectures and asks questions to the girl over his knee. When the flustered girl gets her words mixed up or answers vaguely, there is only one answer and that is a further spanking.

This particular spanking is in two parts. The first part sees her get spanked clothed but with her panties pulled down, skirt flipped onto her back and bottom bared. By itself it is a nice hard OTK session. But then comes part two… the naughty girl has not only showed no improvement in her behaviour, she has acted directly against the spanking she has just received. The teacher decides that the only way this naughty lady will learn how to behave is with a fully naked OTK. With nothing for protection, not even shoes or socks, the punishment continues in the same place as it left off, only this time we see the naked girl squirming around, red, sore ass getting a mouth-watering spanking by the expert teacher.

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