Spanking for a Pranking

Sarah and Kat congratulate themselves on setting up the prank

When Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James play some pranks on Sarah’s Daddy these two naughty ladies are going to get their buns roasted. The two are full of glee once the pranks are set up but that joy soon turns to some different emotions when Paul “discovers” the pranks and both girls find themselves in trouble.

Sarah is the first lady to go over the knee but then it is Kat’s turn. Sarah Gregory looks very pleased to see her naughty girlfriend get a good OTK bare bottom spanking…

Sarah watches as Kat gets her buns roasted by Paul

Katherine St James and Sarah Gregory get spanked bare bottom OTK by Paul – gallery

This spanking is a very exciting new scene from Sarah Gregory Spanking that was filmed at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party. There are plenty of exciting things happening at the moment at Sarah’s site, more news soon, watch this space…

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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