Krystal Klas

Krystal Klas gets paddled naked OTK

Here are a couple of scenes featuring brand new amateur spanking model, Krystal Klas. She looks kinda average and doesn’t exactly sparkle infront of the camera but she’s super skinny and a must-see if you like very thing girls…

Krystal wanted to be spanked when she came to see me, she had never been spanked before and really did not know if she could take the hard spanking that I always dish out. She wanted to play the part of a sexy model and that’s just what we did for her introduction to the world of spanking. After showing off her slim tiny body she was soon over the knee for a real hard spanking, just see how she took it.

Krystal Klas gets her first ever OTK spanking

Krystal's follow-up spanking takes things further with more paddle and the cane

Krystal has just had her first spanking and is feeling pretty pleased with herself, but in this story she gets to be punished by Sarah and as we know Sarah does like to lay it on a bit. Never mind that this is Krystal’s first time she us subject to the same rules, so she is soon bent over being paddled and then caned, not only on her bottom but her hands get to feel the whippy cane as well.

Amateur spanking model Krystal Klas gets her second spanking, paddling and caning from Sarah

Over these two scenes the slender newbie gets spanked naked in all kinds of positions including over the knee and the diaper position. She’s pretty quiet in the beginning but she certainly lets you see how she’s feeling from the spanking with some very deliberate reactions from the cane, especially. And it’s a must for anyone who likes a spankee to be rake thin… Krystal is very thin indeed.

If you like suburban British Spanking or you like English accents it’s well-worth checking out the amateur hardcore and spanking at Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah

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