Two Well Spanked in Hotelroom

Melody and Angel are caught making out when they should be at the party

While we each have our favourite spankers and spankees it’s always nice when a fresh, new spanking model appears in front of us, and today there are two lovely newbies to enjoy. Melody Nore is the redhead and Angel Lee is the busty brunette.

In this scene the two ladies have been missing from the party so Sarah Gregory goes off to find them. When she finally tracks them down the two naughty ladies are making out in a hotel room. Sarah is understandably appalled and decides to right their wrong by spanking both naughty girls together.

While it’s the first time these two have been featured on here they seem familiar somehow. Redheaded Melody reminds me of another model, maybe Madison Young. If you like brunette’s like Sarah then you’ll love Angel Lee, below who is pretty with big, natural breasts and a curvy and spankable bottom…

Sarah Gregory spanks big-boobed Angel Lee naked over her knee

By the end these two naughty ladies have been hand-spanked and punished with Sarah’s hairbrush and a stingy crop. The results are spectacular!!

Melody Nore and Angel Lee show off their well-spanked bare bottoms

Angel and Melody are just two of the latest guest stars to grace Sarah’s kinky spanking site where she spanks her girlfriends and gets many very hard spankings herself. To see more of Sarah and her sexy spanking adventures sign up today at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

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