Topless Paddle Spanking for wearing a colored bra

Kailee spanked topless for wearing the wrong color bra

The rules in the Girl’s Boarding School are followed to the letter by the strict teachers. When a young lady breaks a rule she is punished, no matter how small or trivial the rule may seem. Christine (AKA Kailee) finds this out when she is doing her homework under her tutor’s watchful eye. Her tutor notices that there seems to be something under her school shirt, so he makes Christine unbutton her shirt for him, this reveals a non-regulation bra.

Christine is not impressed with this particular school rule and so cannot see what the problem is but her teacher knows that if he lets the naughty girl get away with breaking this rule she’ll be walking all over him next. There is only one thing for it, he instructs her to take off her shirt and remove the offending bra. Shirtless and braless, Christine is now topless with her pert teen breasts on display to her teacher. If the embarrassment of her teacher seeing her bare breasts wasn’t enough of a punishment, Christine will soon realize what is. He makes her bend over the table and he smacks her big ass over her regulation black trousers with a thick wooden paddle.

The first swat from the paddle is always a shock, even over trousers, and it lets the naughty girl know exactly what she has let herself in for. The subsequent spanks are less of a surprise but more painful as the pain from each blow makes tears well up in the naughty girl’s eyes. After a good many smacks of the paddle tearful Christine starts to sob freely as her tail continues to be smacked with the hard paddle.

When he believes she has had enough her teacher stops and asks Christine to remove her trousers. It’s often hard to know how effective a spanking has been when you can’t see the redness of the girl’s backside. It is a skilled spanker who knows how much to punish each girl for each offence, especially through trousers, and this teacher is one of the best. Christine’s bare rear proves that she has had just enough spanking to leave her ass red and very sore… and now she has the added humiliation of being fully naked in front of her teacher!

To finish the punishment he makes her face him with her hands on her head as he lectures her about her uniform. He talks about her choice of bra whilst she displays her bare breasts for his eyes to browse at will. Her blushes are almost as red as her bottom. Finally, she is told to turn around and face the wall and cool off with some cornertime, bright red ass on display for the world to see.

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