Spanking Underwear: Spanked Sweeties

Madison Yound gets spanked OTK with her lacy panties around her knees

I’ve been thinking recently about the underwear a naughty girl is wearing when she is spanked. Do girls tend to be better behaved in certain types of panties? How about if they’re not wearing panties at all? Not wearing panties is cause for a spanking in itself!

The girls of Spanked Sweeties are spanked in the domestic home environment, they are nice girls who go to a nice school but whose behavior and attitude often gets them in trouble.

In the photo above, Madison Young is being sternly spanked by Clare Fonda. I can see 3 things from this one spanking photo.

Firstly, Madison is very neatly dressed, she’s wearing some gorgeous, lacy panties that have been pulled down and are around her knees. It’s possible that today’s spanking is just another spanking for Madison but those panties suggest that it is a special occasion.

Secondly, Madison’s face shows obvious discomfort and it is not the look of a girl who is about to stand up. Madison is only part way in to her hand spanking. Her wince shows that she is expecting some hard smacks to her pretty butt.

Thirdly, Madison is being spanked in her bedroom. Perhaps there are guests in the house and Madison has been brought upstairs so as not to disturb dinner. Maybe she is being spanked instead of eating with the others as a punishment for her naughty behaviour.

It’s a nice photo but check out the hot spanking video for yourself at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties!

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