The Sexy Cleaning Company

Leia Ann Woods wears a french maid's outfit at the Sexy Cleaning Company

The latest recruit to the “Sexy Cleaning Company” is Leia Ann Woods and right from the start she knew what she was in for. The sexy cleaning company does exactly what it says on the tin! She chose a very old-fashioned maids outfit with big bloomers as her sexy cleaning clothes and even then she did need a lot of persuading before she posed in the sexy way required.

With her bloomers parted and her lovely bare bottom deliciously on show she bends over to do some cleaning. In fact, by this stage she is practically naked except for the afore-mentioned bloomers. Her boss videotapes the sexy maid cleaning in practically nothing. She’s turning him on, and it’s probably not just him… Still, it did give him a good reason to give her a real hard over the knee spanking with the bloomers opened to reveal her very spankable bottom.

Leia Ann Woods shows her bare bottom in sexy french maid’s outfit and gets a hard OTK spanking

If you’re a fan of Leia-Ann or like old-fashioned uniforms, this is a must-see spanking. Leia-Ann is on top form and her bottom just seems to get better with every scene. This sexy update from the “Sexy Cleaning Company” series is on English Spankers right now!

English Spankers

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