Depressed and Spanked

Clare Fonda spanks Sarah Gregory in Depressed and Spanked

Today’s update is a blast from the (recent) past with Clare Fonda returning to our screens on Sarah Gregory Spanking! I don’t think this is a comeback, unfortunately, but this movie might just remind you what we loved about Clare Fonda for so long.

Clare plays Sarah’s mommy and is not happy to get a call from the ER concerning her precious daughter. Sarah had been depressed and so had gotten herself into trouble and ended up having a close call in ER. Clare is scared to death and loves Sarah very much so she spanks her for scaring her. Then, Mommy Clare holds her and tells her how much she cares about her and how she needs to talk to her next time she is feeling that depressed.

It’s a familiar tale of a naughty girl scaring her mommy to death while she is experimenting with life and new-found freedoms. The mother is shocked and upset with the outcome and so a spanking is never too far away. This spanking really packs a punch with two superstars of the spanking world colliding in a beautiful, down-to-earth domestic spanking scene. The action happens on the couch in the living room and the setting is perfect for a nice, hard bare bottom spanking. Some of the angles in these photos are very nice indeed. Enjoy…

Clare Fonda spanks Sarah Gregory in “Depressed and Spanked” gallery

Sarah's panties come down for her domestic bare bottom spanking on the couch

This movie is up right now on Sarah Gregory Spanking where there are now quite a lot of very sexy episodes to browse including some very hard and real spankings for naughty, real-life spanko, Sarah Gregory.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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