Sasha Harding

Sasha Harding makes her debut on Firm Hand Spanking

Some of us may be fans of certain models and can’t get enough of them, others of us can’t get enough fresh “spanking” meat. Not only is Sasha Harding new to this blog, but she says that she’s completely new to spanking, she appears on Firm Hand for her first-ever spanking!

In this her first ever scene, Sasha plays a “Rich Brat”. Her dad’s rich, she’s spending his money like crazy… the only solution is for family accountant Mr Bateman to spank her ass red raw. Ouch! The accountant sets her curvy rear jiggling with 332 smacks of his hand!

Sasha Harding gets her first ever spanking

You can watch this full scene with newbie, Sasha Harding, and many more much more famous spanking models such as Samantha Woodley, Kat St James, Kelly Morgan, Allaura Shane and Leia-Ann Woods at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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