Sophie and Amber are fed up with playing Dave's game, Spankolpoly

Each month Amber and Sophie stay with Uncle Dave for one night and a game of “Spankopoly”. This is a game of (no) chance, a twisted version of monopoly that Dodgy Dave has invented where he is always the banker and the girls always lose and pay forfeits with various punishments. Why would the girls even contemplate such an act? As you’ll discover both girls are not entirely submissive and are thoroughly fed up to be playing his game. The reason they return is because he generously funds them both a lot of their privileged lifestyle and this game is a once a month penance they put up with. It also offers them the chance to try to at least win for once and avoid the various humiliations and thrashings. However, the odds are always stacked against the girls and they and up having to put up with his strange antics.

Sophie and Amber get spanked on their bare bottoms in cute PJs

This time the ladies play the game as normal in their pajamas but the two are more fed up than normal. Sophie flips the board in total frustration at their ongoing embarrassment in the hands of Uncle Dave. It’s so unfair them being there having their bare bottoms spanked!! Dave orders both girls to stand up to receive a more traditional old fashioned punishment with his leather strap.

Uncle Dave thrashes Amber and Sophie's bare bottoms with his leather strap

Will he quash their rebellion?? We think he might! You can see for yourself all the naughty English ladies getting a stern seeing to by John Osbourne and guest spankers including Uncle Dave at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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