Sisters spanked over Unauthorized Shopping

Sisters Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros make an unauthorized purchase with their daddy's credit card

Daddy is not happy to find out that his bratty daughters, Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros, have made yet another online shopping purchase with his credit card. They try to explain it was a mistake and they didn’t mean to press “buy” but that doesn’t get them out of their punishment. Watch these two sassy sisters get spanked…

Joelle Barros gets a hard OTK spanking over her pajama bottoms while Sarah Gregory watches

Joelle gets a hard OTK spanking over her pajama bottoms

This movie is up right now on Sarah Gregory Spanking where there are now quite a lot of very sexy episodes to browse including some very hard and real spankings for naughty, real-life spanko, Sarah Gregory.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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