Girlfriend or Mom?

Ten Amorette asks Sarah to fulfill her fantasy of being spanked by by Sarah's mom

In “Like Mother Like Daughter” Sarah Gregory shows how having a likeness to your own mother can help your relationship.

Sarah is dating Ten Amorette, but Ten has always had a hidden fantasy that Sarah’s mom would spank her. When she finally reveals this hidden fantasy, Sarah agrees to pretend to be Mrs. Gregory and spank her. With both girls starting off in jeans and casual tops, Sarah puts on a smart dress to get into her role. She takes Ten over her knee and spanks her denim-clad bottom with her hand and then a hairbrush.

This is a nice scene for anyone who likes two sexy brunettes, OTK spanking and spanking over tight jeans. But the denim is very protective and eventually those jeans are pulled down and Ten is spanked over her panties by mother-like Sarah who is taking her latest role very seriously indeed…

Sarah pretends to be her mom and spanks Ten over her panties

Ten is spanked with the hand and hairbrush at every stage of her spanking. When she just has her panties for protection you can start to see her bottom is reddening up nicely, but soon those panties come off altogether and Momma Sarah spanks her on the bare bottom…

After getting spanked over her jeans, panties and on the bare with a hairbrush Ten is well-spanked by the end

At the end of the spanking session both ladies embrace and kiss as lovers to complete this sexy lesbian spanking.

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

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