Three Spanked Black Girls

Gramps spanks a naughty black girl with his hand over the knee

These screengrabs come from an amateur spanking movie called Three Spanked Black Girls from Real Spanking Video. These are very amateur videos so if you’re looking for polished, professional clips then they’re probably not for you. What you get from this studio is on the harder side of spanking action, often mixed in with sex.

The spanker here is a lover of ebony ladies, or to be more precise, he is a spanker and fucker of ebony ladies. Sometimes there is a storyline, other times there isn’t, but either way he gets a sexy black babe and spanks her very hard… testing her limits! Because these girls are not professional spanking models, or necessarily into spanking at all, there are some pretty real responses to the hard spankings. The African-American accents often have a southern twang to them and you often get some emotion-filled protests as their round asses get spanked very hard. There’s also plenty of wriggling and the combination of the ladies wriggling and struggling whilst protesting in a Southern drawl while the spanker tries as hard as he can to keep spanking is often quite funny. But while there may be some comedy cat-and-mouse moments these are hard spankings and the ladies are struggling and cursing because it really hurts…

Black babe's bikini bottoms come down as gramps lays on the smacks

In this movie there are three scenes where he spanks the three black girls in the title. Then, the last three scenes have one of the girls spanking the other, then one gets fucked by the spanker and finally two of the ladies get it on in some lesbian-lovemaking…

Well, the title says it all doesn’t it? Three hot and sexy black girls have been naughty! They need a spanking. Well gramps is lays on the corporal punishment and spanks all three of them!

Two black ladies spanking each other

Fans of “Gramps” and his methods of disciplining black ladies should also see Two Spanked Black Girls which is much harder with implements and anal sex! You can watch both movies right now, plus a whole host of amateur spanking movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View!

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