Where Are Your Panties?

English exchange student Amelia Jane Rutherford shows that she is not wearing panties

While Momma Spankings is largely about the relationship between Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory this scene shows what can happen when a third person enters the arena. We recently saw Pandora Blake getting herself and Sarah into trouble, and now it’s another English lady, Amelia Jane Rutherford’s turn to cause some mischief. In both cases Sarah is not the ringleader in these spankings but she’s happy to follow the other girls and get herself into trouble.

Ms Dana and daughter Sarah have an exchange student Amelia from England staying with them. The girls get along nicely and Amelia is teaching Sarah some not-so-nice fashion styles from across the pond such as not wearing panties under her dress. The girls are sitting on the sofa planning their day when Momma Dana comes in and notices neither one is wearing panties. Such behavior is not tolerated under Dana’s roof and they must be punished. Over her knee, skirt raised and a hard bare bottom spanking ensues for both of these naughty girls. But that’s not all – the hairbrush is administered to a pair of blistered red bottoms where a pair of panties might have offered some comfort.

Dana Specht takes Amelia over her knee for a hard OTK spanking

Both Amelia and Sarah have fairly high tolerances compared to some ladies you might see getting spanked, so Dana can really go the distance on their naughty asses. She lays into both round bottoms with her hand and then the hairbrush. As you can see this is a proper punishment-style spanking with two experienced spankees who can really take a hard spanking…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a hard hairbrush spanking from strict Dana Specht

…and then, of course, there is a nice side-by-side handspanking to finish things off. At the end of the punishment both girls submissively kneel by Dana’s feet and put their heads on her knees then get hugged one by one.

Amelia and Sarah Gregory get spanked side-by-side for not wearing panties

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Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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