Camilla Scott

New spanking model Camilla Scott

Looking angelic does not always mean that she’s a good girl. Sometimes the opposite is true!

Brand spanking new model Camilla Scottis a sexy new brat with attitude and disrespect for authority. She stars in the ‘A Perfect Education’ series at Firm Hand Spanking.

Nothing irritates Earl Grey like a student with no respect and an attitude. Passing notes in class earns Camilla an OTK spanking on the bare bottom. “Ooh, the spanking chair!” she mocks. Will 265 smacks teach her?

Camilla Scott goes over the knee for 265 smacks on her bare bottom

See much more of Camilla Scott and all the other sexy babes who end up getting themselves spanked again and again at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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