Rosario’s Maids Outfit Spanking

Kay Richards spanking Rosario Stone's bare bottom for not wearing her maid's uniform

As well as being a playful sub who has many occasions where she has to be spanked, Kay Richards is also a mean domme. When her maid, Rosario Stone, refuses to wear her maid’s outfit there are consequences for her stubbornness. Kay yanks the casually-dressed maid over her knee and proceeds to give her a good spanking.

Kay spanks her casually-dressed maid gallery

Finally, with Rosario naked, well-spanked and very submissive, it is time for Kay to dress the naughty lady in the outfit herself. The tiny maid uniform hardly covers up anything of Rosario’s curvy body, least of all her rosy, red bottom.

This is another girl-on-girl disciplinary episode from Kay and Madison’s strict spanking household, see all the drama unfold at…

My Spanking Roommate

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