Lesbian Lovers Spanked

Momma Dana catches Sarah in bed with her lesbian lover Scarlet

Sarah Gregory and her college lover Scarlet spend the weekend at her mom Dana’s house, with the understanding there will be no sleeping together or hanky-panky going on under Mom’s roof. When Dana comes home early from a shopping trip she discovers the two lovers in the throws of passion and naked in Sarah’s bed. She admonishes their disrespect for her rules and announces they are both going to get a spanking.

The two naked ladies are dragged one-by-one out of bed and are unceremoniously dragged over Momma Dana’s knee for a hard OTK spanking on the edge of the bed…

Sarah Gregory and Scarlet are spanked in the nude in “Lesbian Lovers Spanked”

The two naked girlfriends are spanked on the edge of Sarah's bed by strict Momma

With the spanking of two naked, lesbian beauties this is a very sexy spanking, and it also gets very hard when Momma finishes off by spanking Sarah with the dreaded hairbrush. Again Sarah is given a very hard spanking by her Momma, and this time she’s completely nude with her sexy lover there to witness (and participate in) the whole thing!!

While there is a mixture of different styles of spankings on Momma Spankings, there are some spankings which are probably some of the hardest you’ll see, with proper tears. You can join this website along with Sarah’s personal website together at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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