Japanese Spanking

Female employee gets spanked for wearing a skirt during her retraining

As promised, today we have a whole load of Asian spanking, specifically Japanese spanking! These are all photos I like from recent updates on Cutie Spankee.

Submissive schoolgirl hands a paddle to her mother

If you like submissive Asian ladies getting spanked then this is definitely the place for you. And, not only are the spankees very cute (cutie spankees) but the backgrounds are all very clean and hygenic-looking as you’d expect in Japan. The two main types of location are an office setting and a home setting, although they do have other types of location such as medical and school.

Naughty Japanese daughter gets strapped on the bed

The concept of corporal punishment at work is very sexy indeed, especially in Japan with those cute little Japanese babes and the reality does not disappoint one bit. Pretty ladies in smart pin-striped office outfits baring their bottoms for the female superior’s wrath works very well indeed.

Secretary gets the belt after receiving an advance notice of punishment via e-mail

Sometimes the humiliation of the spanking is increased when the spankee has to wear a certain uniform for her punishment…

Schoolgirl must wear a green leotard for a paddling from teacher

As if Japanese ladies didn’t appear to be very submissive anyway, when a Japanese lady wears a sexy maid’s outfit it turns into something very sexy…

Japanese maid faces the wall with her red bottom on display after spanking

The scenes are all girl-on-girl, generally with a roleplay in which a lady in a position of authority spanking a junior colleague, daughter, schoolgirl, or maid. Below, a female doctor is spanking a naughty schoolgirl…

Female doctor spanks schoolgirl with leather paddle

There are plenty of nice, cute female bottoms in and out of white panties…

Schoolgirl lowers her white panties for mom's wooden paddle

…and panties of other colors. Here, in the office a lady in red gym shorts over her panties and stockings is kneeling on top of the desk while another sexy Japanese lady swings a large wooden paddle at her big, round bottom…

Female office worker gets punished in gym outfit on the desk

While the most popular form of punishment is for the spankee to be bending over a desk, or kneeling on the floor for the cane, there is also some nice OTK spanking. School uniforms are very popular!!

Japanese F/F OTK spanking

For Asian-lovers who enjoy spanking, Cutie Spankee is 100% F/F Japanese spanking and the scenes are very kinky and very beautiful.

Cutie Spankee

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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the http://www.Cutiespankee.com website?

    Yes, I know that they have been defunked now for about 3 years. I breaks my heart in many pieces. They were, to me the best of the spankee sites. It appeared they had multiple videos yet to be released when the site stopped publishing new material. They still have an active site, in that you can sign up for it and download the material they do have, but nothing new comes out of it.

    This is just for my own curiosity, really. Just wondering what happened to a site that seemed like it was raking in serious bank.

    Thanks in advance.

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