Spanked for her own safety…

Alex Reynolds is told off by her daddy for texting while driving

The latest guest spankee on Sarah Gregory Spanking is Alex Reynolds! Alex has been texting and driving, not only is this against the law it is extremely dangerous. When Daddy finds out he is very upset, and had expected much more from his precious daughter.

If real-life spankings are perhaps not politically correct these days, perhaps they become slightly more understandable when it comes to teaching a naughty lady the error of her ways when it comes to road safety. Persistent offenders are at risk of harming themselves and others, perhaps even worse. Perhaps the old-fashioned spanking of naughty ladies texting behind the wheel could prevent accidents and make the roads a safer place.

If it doesn’t happen in reality it makes a very nice scenario in this spanking scene. Alex’s big bottom is the perfect canvas for a long essay in road safety and Paul is determined to give it to her. He gives naughty Alex an over the knee hand spanking and bare bottom belting that she won’t soon forget…

Naughty Alex is given a hard OTK hand spanking and then the belt

You can watch Alex’s full hand and belt spanking, plus much more of spanking model Sarah Gregory and her naughty girlfriends at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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