Sarah Spanked in Denim

Alicia Panettiere is less than impressed with Sarah Gregory's attitude

There is something about girls in denim! I don’t know what it is but it is very sexy! So, when two ladies one wearing jeans, the other a short denim skirt get together it is denim heaven… and a spanking scene!!

Sarah’s boyfriend was right, his sister is a bitch….or at least she becomes one when she is called one. Alicia finds out that her brother’s girlfriend is not planning to attend his graduation ceremony after he flew her out there. She is not happy and confronts Sarah. Sarah calls her a bitch and that earns Sarah a trip over Alicia’s knee.

In the “You’re Such a Bitch!” spanking scene Alicia Panettiere is back and gives our heroine, Sarah Gregory, a proper over-the-knee spanking when she pushed up that denim skirt and pulls down the panties. I like the way these photos look very homely, perfect domestic discipline! And, while I don’t have a foot-fetish I like those shoes Sarah is wearing with the wooden high-heeled soles. It’s hard to explain but it’s a nice girl-on-girl scene…

Alicia Panettiere spanks Sarah Gregory in “You’re Such a Bitch!” gallery

Alicia Panettiere spanks Sarah Gregory for calling her a bitch

She has certainly outdone herself this time with her brattiness, calling someone a bitch is a surefire way to get a spanking in “Spanking Land”. But, we’re glad she did. Watching Sarah’s development as she gets spanked until she learns her lessons (if she does) is a beautiful thing. This scene looks like it is slightly older than some of the updates at Sarah Gregory Spanking, and Sarah herself looks a little bit younger. It’s interesting to watch older scenes and compare them to more recent scenes and see if we think Sarah has learned anything at all, or whether her education has only just begun.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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