If at first you don’t succeed…

Casey Calvert gets a second OTK spanking when she's caught fighting

Most of the time a spanking should improve behavior, but what happens if it doesn’t? When Casey Calvert and Christy Cutie are caught fighting after they’ve already been spanked it is time for another trip across the knee for these two naughty ladies. Maybe it’ll be second time lucky, or else they’ll need a third punishment!

We sometimes talk about the limits and tolerance of a spankee, but perhaps this is the kind of thing that can happen when the punishment does not go far enough. Perhaps this is a reminder to disciplinarians everywhere to make sure your darling bottom is not under-spanked.

Luckily, Paul is on hand to give the already well-spanked bottoms another dose of discipline. The two hotties are taken one by one over his knee. First Casey then Christy gets her bare bottom smacked making each bubble butt much redder than before.

Christy Cutie is spanked on her already sore bottom when she continues to misbehave

There is something very sexy about two cuties getting spanked together. If the two are already friends getting their panties pulled down and getting their bare bottoms spanked together can only strengthen their bond of friendship. Maybe the two are lovers… spankings often evoke strong sexual feelings in the spankee so for two lesbian lovers to be spanked side-by-side, would be incredibly sexual for both spankees. Even if the two were not friends, maybe they started off as strangers or mortal enemies, such a spanking would no doubt create a bond that would either keep them at logger heads or bring them closer together.

This very sexy second spanking is from “Seconds” on Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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