Ashley Graham’s hard spanking

Ashley Graham learns the news that her sister has been given the task of spanking her

Today’s spanking scene is from “Broken Hearts and Busted Bottoms” and features two of my favorite spanking models Sarah Gregory and Ashley Graham. We’ve spoken a lot about Sarah, but her nemesis in this scene deserves a big mention. Ashley’s piercing blue eyes, good looks, nice figure and pert, round bottom make her the perfect spanking model. On top of her physical attributes, Ashley’s personality also shines through and she can take quite a spanking, as you can see in this scene…

Sarah has a broken heart, she is a crying mess over her break up but sister, Ashley is constantly making fun of her. Daddy catches Ashley in the act and instead of spanking her himself, he gives Sarah permission to spank her sister. Sarah, of course, grabs the opportunity with both hands and soon sexy redhead, Ashley Graham, is over her knee with a fast-reddening bottom. First, she spanks her with the hand over her short, black skirt, then over her panties, then on her bare bottom…

Sarah spanks Ashley Graham in “Broken Hearts and Busted Bottoms” gallery

Sarah Gregory gives naughty Ashley Graham a hard hand spanking

Finally, to really make sure her sister learns her lesson, Sarah spanks her naughty bare bottom with a wooden hairbrush…

Ashley's ordeal contines as Sarah spanks her with a wooden hairbrush

You can see much more of these two sexy beauties (obviously lots of Sarah and quite a bit of Ashley) at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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