Real Discipline Request

Dana Kane spanks Joelle Barros's bare bottom hard in this real-life spanking

Sometimes we see spanking scenes with gorgeous models and the scenes are great but we don’t know much about the models themselves. So, it’s always nice to get some background, especially when she is a spanko!

Here, we’ve just learned that Joelle Barros is a pro switch in New York City. So, she likes being spanked and spanking is a big part of her life. But even people who work in spanking sometimes need a real-life punishment. In this case Joelle has gone to Dana Kane to try to fix some personal issues with a spanking…

Another thing it’s interesting to find out about is when someone is spanked A LOT does it still hurt? I think the answer to this is clear from Joelle’s close-up reactions…

Close-up of Joelle's reaction as she takes her real-life discipline

Our spanking scene became about the real issue that Joelle is having finding a balance between work and personal life. A long, hard OTK hand spanking which begins over her skirt, then across her full-bottom cotton panties, then inevitably to her bare bottom, again and again. Excellent close-up face shots of Joelle’s pretty face reacting to the discipline she requested.

It may only be a hand-spanking but Joelle’s bottom gets a nice rosy color…

Dana inspects Joelle's rosy red bottom after the spanking

Watch this full movie right now at Dana Kane Spanks along with plenty more no-nonsense F/F and F/M spanking action with spankees such as Joelle, Fiona, Angel, Ela Darling and Christy Cutie.

Dana Kane Spanks

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