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Johnny bares beautiful Isobel Wren's lovely spanked bottom

Anyone with an interest in kink who speaks to other kinky people, watches the news or reads newspapers will have heard of the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy. For a while it seemed like the last feature of every news bulletin was to describe the “50 Shades” phenomenon from a slightly different angle. Then there was talk of a possible movie and who would play the two main characters (while everyone secretly wanted to be in the movie opposite their favorite Hollywood heartthrob).

I also heard all the 50 Shades hype on television and on social media like twitter and facebook, so decided to read the book. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Maybe it started off slowly to introduce vanilla readers to certain concepts. All I can say is that I started to fast-forward to see if there were any juicy bits later in the book and eventually gave up trying to find anything. That’s not to say it isn’t there, I may try re-reading someday. It’s certainly an amazing achievement to get kink/bondage/BDSM into the news in a good way. Perhaps I should have read some of the spanking-focused fiction there is out there instead of something aimed at the mass market. While I couldn’t find anything of interest in 50 Shades, the spanking fiction I’ve read has often been very kinky and depraved right from the off, often with plenty of humiliation, sex and other fetishes thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand… Now there’s a shortened spanking version of the “50 Shades” story on Sarah Gregory Spanking. It’s something that many of us might be familiar with too: you’re dating someone who isn’t into spanking so you introduce them to it. This scene features the very sexy Isobel Wren as the beautiful but naive Anastasia Steele character and it sounds MUCH better…

Isobel and Johnny met online and have been dating a short while. Finally, Johnny decides to introduce her to his kinky lifestyle. Isobel has no idea what to expect, but she willingly participates. This video takes us on a spanking journey, from light playful spanking, that gets gradually harder and makes Isobel very wet indeed. Then she gets an erotic flogging in the nude before the grand finale of a ride on the sybian while being spanked to orgasm.

Isobel Wren gets a night of hard spanking and flogging in “50 Shades of Spanking” gallery

Isobel Wren gets a night of hard spanking and flogging in 50 Shades of Spanking

Watch this story of innocence, kink and spanking unfold right now at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

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