Angel’s Revenge

Angel's Revenge - big bottom spanking

Big-bottomed Angel is one of the main characters at Dana Kane Spanks and she is always finding new ways to get herself in trouble and get her big ol’ booty spanked. Relentlessly bratty Angel is a perfect partner for someone as effortlessly strict as Dana Kane. In this serie Dana play Angel’s step mom.

Angel is fed up with her Stepmommy’s spankings! She decides that if she’s going to be spanked anyway then there may as well be a darn good reason – so she goes about making Stepmommy’s life miserable. In part one, Angel cuts the buttons off one of her stepmother’s favorite blouses, and, although she NEVER admits it, she gets a long, hard hand spanking for the prank. OTK, standing, and on her hands and knees in the chair – Stepmommy makes sure that Angel’s vengeful bottom is cherry red.

Angel’s Revenge – big bottom spanking gallery

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