Sarah’s Stress Relief

Dana Specht gives Sarah Gregory a very hard OTK hand spanking

Not every scene is what I would call a real punishment spanking, some scenes are much lighter and much more playful. This reflects reality where some people prefer a lighter spanking and some people prefer/need a harder spanking. When it comes to harder spankings sometimes two strangers are going to be very cautious when spanking for the first time, it can take a while before each person is comfortable enough to go to the limits of tolerance. That’s why seeing two people who have played for a long time, often very hard, is the only way to get a really hard punishment that can literally end in tears.

Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory have a Momma/Daughter relationship which often results in some very hard spankings. This is one of those times! While it is just a hand spanking, it is a hard hand spanking as you can see from Sarah’s expression…

Sarah was having a very stressful few days with the play that she was in being over. In theater this is known as “post show drop.” Luckily Momma Dana was staying with her baby girl and could give her little girl just what was needed.

Stress Relief Spanking gallery with Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory

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Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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