Hard Auntie Spanking

Sarah Gregory gets ready for her hard spanking from Auntie

This update from Girl Spanks Girl is called the Long Weekend. In it Sarah Gregory and Jackie are staying with their Aunt Helen for the weekend, and it turns out she is much stricter than their mom, Clare Fonda. The girls quickly find themselves over Aunt Helen’s knee, getting their bare bottoms spanked with her hand and then hairbrush. Jackie also has her mouth washed out with soap for cursing. When the girls finally see their mom again, she too spanks them and then spanks her sister, Helen, for not calling her first before spanking the two daughters. The long series concludes with Clare giving Helen’s daughter, Abigail, a long hard spanking with hand and hairbrush.

This gallery is from the first part where Auntie Helen decides to punish the two naughty sisters one by one over her lap…

Hard Auntie Spanking gallery

Girl Spanks Girl features a lot of girl-on-girl spankings.. and these spankings get very hard indeed (no gentle bottom patting here). With dommes like Clare Fonda, Lana, Lena Ramon, Kelly Payne and Chelsea Pfeiffer there are plenty of well-spanked female bottoms at…

Girl Spanks Girl

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