Spanking Model: Kailee

Kailee spanks herself watched by Elizabeth Burns at Realspankings

Like the subject of yesterday’s spanking review post for Cutie Spankee, Real Spankings has had a lot of models over the years. I forget the exact year but I first heard about the website when girls like Brandi and Jessica were causing mayhem – both went on to have their own spanking sites. The next wave of spanking models were girls like Jasmine and Betty. A couple of waves of models later and we have the spanking world’s Alt-Porn wildchild: Kailee.

The look of Kailee is very distinctive, when I first saw her I really wasn’t sure what to think. She looks kinda mean and gothic.. even a little evil. Thus, you can see why she was perfect to be a real spanking model.

Whereas a lot of spanking websites show a spanker and spankee going through the motions without inflicting any pain. Its all for show. That kind of site has nothing to do with Realspankings, their girls get a proper punishment for every update.

I like the fact that the site seems like a family and the characters grow up together. Older spankers like Elizabeth Burns and Cindy Baker (AKA Cindy Wallace) are given harsh paddlings as well as dishing out punishments. Younger spankees like Kailee and Betty were still getting punished when they had graduated to spanking other girls. It seems that the models who receive spankings spank other models harder than other spankers. Kailee has been in some great spanking scenes, giving and receiving, especially with her sister and the amazingly cute, blonde Sarah.

Like all good things Kailee has grown and has been spotted on other sites like My Spanking Roommate and Girls Boarding School. What next for this bratty spanking model? Solo site? Hardcore Porn? Hollywood?

See more of Kailee at Real Spankings and her profile at Spanking Models List!

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  1. Kailee is one of my greatest favs, too.
    But you say: “Like all good things Kailee has grown and has been spotted on other sites like Lupus Pictures and Girls Boarding School in recent times.”
    GBS yes, but Lupus??!!! What film would that be?

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