Businesswoman Agatha spanked by Dana Kane

Business woman Agatha looks sheepish in front of Dana Kane

Dana Kane will spank anyone – her husband, fetish models, fans, and now, this businesswoman. She is one of many non-professional amateur models to dare to meet with Dana on her website. Some of these regular people are men and some are women. In this case, Agatha Delicious is a very sexy businesswoman. In her everyday life Agatha is in charge of everything, she is a dominant! So she wants to know what it’s like to be on the other side of the equation. She thought it would be a good experience to learn what it’s like to give up control for once, so she’s come to Dana for a real spanking!

There are two spankings with Agatha, the first is her very first proper spanking. The second is much more serious because Dana uses a large wooden paddle on her bare bottom with Agatha stripped completely naked. Even during the hand spanking Agatha struggles to maintain her composure. Soon her shouts become louder and louder as her bottom gets progressively redder and more swollen. Possibly more than she was expecting.

Dana spanks businesswoman Agatha nude on the bare bottom

But now, immediately following her first ever OTK hand spanking, Agatha must choose which implement to receive. The options are a paddle, strap, or cane. After a few test swats to get a feel for each implement Agatha chooses to have 50 strokes with the thin, stingy, evil wooden paddle for her already-sore backside.

Agatha writhes, twitches, yells, and winces throughout the paddling, but never even thinks of asking for mercy. She’s here to submit, and she does so beautifully.

Agatha's bottom gets very red from the paddle

Agatha is a smart and sexy businesswoman. She would never dream of submitting in the workplace of her businesses, but here under Dana’s control she enjoys a new experience. Dana does not hold back and this intelligent lady’s limits are truly tested twice in quick succession.

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Dana Kane Spanks

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