Leia Ann Woods and Lady Sonia

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked OTK by Lady Sonia

More British spanking from the extremely strict mistress, Lady Sonia and it looks like Leia Ann Woods has gotten into trouble AGAIN!!

This time the naked lady gets spanked over Lady Sonia’s knee before sitting back-to-front on a straight-backed chair while her lovely round bare bottom gets whipped with the riding crop….

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked OTK by Lady Sonia movies

Lady Sonia is a fantastic top! Two things jump out at you, the first being that she is a very strict looking English MILF – perfect for the role of a spanker! The other thing that I like is that she has big breasts which look fantastic as they are revealed in tight tops or revealing dresses, as here, with the naughty babe over her knee. If you are an anglophile or just like strict girl-on-girl spanking check out Lady Sonia’s website where the spanking is mixed in with some very hot hardcore sex, handjobs and other kinky fetish…

Lady Sonia

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