Mandie Rae

Sarah Gregory spanks bratty daughter Mandie Rae

In “The Bad Little Girl” Mandie Rae plays a naughty daughter who must be spanked by mom, Sarah Gregory. It’s a great example of one of the newer updates at Momma Spankings that features a guest. In this case the guest is a sexy new spankee and it’s actually Sarah who does the spanking!

Mandie is a brand new fetish model / porn star who we’ll hopefully see much much more from. She is blonde, cute and quite young-looking although she is definitely over 18 years old!

In this mother/daughter role play, Sarah plays a young mom whose daughter is way out of control. Mandie will not take mom seriously and go to bed when told. Mom sees her therapist who suggests that she use discipline to teach her daughter to listen. Pushover mom Sarah is finally taken seriously when she spanks her bratty daughter. She is a pushover no more.

Sarah Gregory spanks bratty daughter Mandie Rae

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Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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