Sexy Pornstar Brea Bennett Spanked OTK

Sexy Brea Bennett in a sizzling HOT OTK Spanking Movie

We’ve had some japanese and british spanking s recently so today we take spankings back to the US and there can be nothing more american than hot porn starlet Brea Bennett. Brea is an all natural, all american girl. When I first saw this OTK scene with Genesis on the Girl Spanks Girl website I was surprised and very happy at the same time.

Girl Spanks Girl is a real spanking site – spankings leave the girls with a sore bottom – so I was a little surprised that a girl as delicate and, well, hot as Brea would be willing to get a hard OTK spanking.. but she does… and it is truly amazing.

Brea gets herself in trouble at college when the other girls have complained that she masturbates too loudly and too often. She ends up being interrogated by a female teacher in the office. Brea is not embarrassed at all at the accusations and is happy to demonstrate her masturbation technique to the teacher. The hot masturbation proves Brea’s guilt and is ordered over the teachers lap for a bare bottom OTK spanking.. in fact, it’s a naked OTK spanking!!!

Brea is feisty and bratty in this scene before and after the punishment. She’s so feisty that she finds a loophole to get the teacher to agree to be spanked by her.. with a hairbrush!!!

Very very hot and sexy spanking scene by an amazing porn starlet. She is given a very firm hand spanking and does not hold back when she gets Genesis over her lap with the dreaded hairbrush. The photoset and full movie are downloadable at Girl Spanks Girl!

2 thoughts to “Sexy Pornstar Brea Bennett Spanked OTK”

  1. i saw Brea get spanked by an affectionate but strict babysitter in another video. it was so sweet because she knew she deserved it and took it with a lot humility without any struggle. The other girl spanked her slowly, with a lot of quiet scolding between swats. Brea wore a t-shirt and a thong, but her bottom was certainly bare enough to FEEL it, like, TOTALLY. Then she got sent to bed with a kiss and a hug.

    Brea is a good girl who just needs help behaving like one.

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