Casey Calvert sneaks out…

Casey Calvert sneaks out when she should be in bed asleep

Casey Calvert is a sexy lady! The brunette porn star / fetish model has a pretty girl-next-door look and a hot body making her perfect for spanking. She also has quite a pout when she goes over the knee. It’s a cross between “oww this hurts”, “what do you think you’re doing” and “I’m very cross”.

In this scene she sneaks out when she’s supposed to be in bed sleeping. John Osborne comes back to find her missing so waits up for her to return before confronting her in the living room. The two sit down on the couch to talk it over before Casey goes over the knee and gets those firm buns spanked hard…

Casey Calvert gets spanked for sneaking out when she should be in bed asleep

Casey Calvert gets her bare bottom spanked for sneaking out

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