Nude Strapping

Sarah gets her bare bottom spanked OTK in her pajamas by Paul

This scene contains punishments for two offences: the first offence gets a hand spanking, the second gets a hard, nude strapping! Not all spankings are the same and this is two spankings in one scene. Paul has received an email in “Daddy Spanks for Momma” with instructions to spank naughty Sarah. The naughty girl in question, Sarah Gregory, joins him on the bed wearing her pajamas before going over the knee for a hard bare bottom spanking. But, there are two offences to be punished! The first offence only merits a hand spanking, but the second is much more serious and requires Paul to give the naughty lady a severe strapping. But, first she must take off those pajamas…

Big-boobed Sarah Gregory strips her pajamas

Curvy Sarah lies naked over a pillow as Paul wields the leather strap and brings it down hard across her already sore bare bottom…

Paul Rogers gives naughty Sarah Gregory a nude strapping

Paul takes his responsibility to Momma very seriously and does not go easy on poor Sarah who is soon contorting her body as she struggles to cope with the pain from the leather strap. This is definitely a scene for lovers of big breasts and lovers of hard spankings…

Busty Sarah contorts from the pain of the leather strap

Finally, well-spanked and well-strapped, Sarah and Paul cuddle up on the bed with Sarah still naked and with a bright red bottom…

Sarah cuddles on the bed after her hard, nude strapping

This is a very nice “punishment spanking” and it is fairly typical of the hard spankings you’ll find on Momma Spankings. But, scenes like this have the added bonus of Sarah’s nudity and she shows off her wonderful big boobs in a fantastic nude strapping.

While Momma Spankings has plenty of hard disciplinary spankings there are plenty more scenes that are both hard and more playful, with much more nudity at Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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