Spanked by Sister

Sarah Gregory confronts her naughty younger sister Christy Cutie on the bed in her nightwear

In “Spanked by Sister” two gorgeous spanking models are in a sexy nightwear spanking scene. Sarah Gregory is an older sister who gets a call from her parents and asked to spank younger sister, Christy Cutie, for various offences. Sarah takes her duty seriously and approaches naughty Christy in the bedroom with both ladies in their nightwear. Christy is wearing her pajamas and Sarah is wearing a very sexy neglige.

Sarah Gregory spanks Christy Cutie's bare bottom in Spanked by Sister

These photos are incredible. Very beautiful and artistic with both ladies showing their sexy curves in a lovely domestic discipline scene. You’ll want to see the full video of naughty Christy’s big bottom spanking!

Christy Cutie shows off her big spanked bare bottom in pajamas

Sarah gets a call from Mom that a letter was sent home from Christy’s school. Christy needs some discipline for slacking off in school. Sarah gives her sister a bare bottom spanking with her hand and hairbrush for getting bad grades, slacking off, and being late for classes. This is not a behavior that is tolerated in their family.

Sarah Gregory disciplines naughty younger sister Christy Cutie in Spanked by Sister gallery

Sarah looks down at a smiling Christy Cutie

See more of Christy Cutie and, of course, Sarah Gregory in this scene at Sarah Gregory Spanking which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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  1. Sarah should have laid her on the bed and gave her bare bottom a hand and hairbrush spanking. Otherwise it was very sexy.

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