Two big bottoms spanked!

Sarah Gregory takes off her jeans for her OTK spanking

Two Little Brats Out on the Town” on Momma Spankings has two lovely big bottoms spanked by a very strict momma, Dana Specht! One bottom belongs to naughty Sarah Gregory, and the other belongs to equally mischievous, Alex Reynolds. Dana is known for her spanking so these two plump posteriors really get a good roasting, as you can see from Sarah’s reactions…

Dana Specht spanks Sarah on her big bare bottom really hard

Sarah gets a nice hard hand spanking and her big, bare bottom looks lovely in this photo as she stands up…

Sarah Gregory's big, bare, spanked bottom

Sarah and her cousin Alex are on a trip with mom looking at colleges. They believe that part of touring colleges is checking out the party scene. Momma has a different idea and is very disappointed to get a call from the cops that her daughter and niece have been arrested for being at a party with alcohol. They try to argue their way out of their spanking but once Momma has made up her mind to spank these naughty brats, there is no turning back.

Momma prepares the second big bottom by pulling down the panties over her knee

You can watch these two beautiful bottoms get spanked really hard by the extremely strict Dana Specht at Momma Spankings and also the great-value multi-site pass… Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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