Big Baby Husband Punished

Dana's husband removes his jeans for a big baby punishment

This is a nice Femdom scene from Dana Kane Spanks that shows off the relationship Dana Kane has with her husband nicely. Wearing her cute housewife’s outfit she unleashes her witty tongue on her poor husband and makes him get across her knee for a very hard dose of the hairbrush.

Dana Kane wraps her leg around her husband's leg as she spanks his bare bottom with the hairbrush

The best spanking scenes are often between two people who know and trust each other. The bottom has to be able to trust that the top will not go too far (i.e. beyond their limits) and the top has to know what those limits are. So, where is there more trust than between a lady and her husband? Well, admittedly that’s not always the case with every couple and many of the spankings on her website more than hint at marital misbehavior, but you get the idea!

With legs spread that looks like one sore male bottom!

If you like girl/girl and also Femdom spanking then Dana Kane Spanks is a fantastic venue to arrive at! There are some nice, hard spankings dished out to pretty fetish models and disobedient husbands alike.

Dana Kane Spanks

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