Sleepover Spankings

Sarah Gregory gets spanked for not asking permission for the sleepover

Today’s update features two of the best-known spanking models/superstars out there: Sarah Gregory and Amelia Jane Rutherford. And, to make this scene even better it’s an unofficial sleepover with the two in their pajamas.

Amelia Jane Rutherford takes her turn getting spanked next

Sarah has snuck her friend Amelia in for a sleep-over. Daddy doesn’t know and has made it clear no sleep-overs. When Daddy discovers Sarah has Amelia there he shows Amelia what happens when his daughter lies to him, a bare bottom spanking. Amelia will get the same punishment and is not happy at all about this at all.

Sarah Gregory and Amelia Jane Rutherford get spanked side-by-side in their pajamas

To watch this sexy spanking movie go to Sarah Gregory Spanking which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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