Melody Nore and Miss Chris

Miss Chris catches Melody Nore trying to run away from the orphage and immediately grabs her teddy bear off her

Melody Nore is a redheaded spankee who lends herself nicely to the role of the brat in “Orphan Annie Spanking”. Perhaps she chose the wrong person to annoy with her bratty behavior when she misbehaves with drunken orphanage owner, played by Miss Chris. Melody had been trying to sneak out of the orphanage when she is caught red-handed with her belongings in a knapsack.

Along with the rest of her belongings the naughty brat also has her most prized possession, a teddy bear, with her. Hard-spanking Miss Chris torments her with the teddy while giving the naughty redhead a very hard OTK spanking. Here Miss Chris has counteracted Melody’s wriggling by wrapping her legs around in a vice-like grip while she swings her powerful arm towards her quickly reddening bare bottom…

Melody Nore gets a very hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom from powerful Miss Chris whilst being held in a leg lock

If you like scenes where the spanking is very hard, Miss Chris is one of the hardest out there, or that’s the way it looks from the videos. Here, she dominates a pretty redhead who she’s able to let loose on. The result is a breath-taking, hard-hitting scene where we see how sorry Miss Chris is able to make naughty Melody for attempting to run away.

Melody Nore is spanked OTK on her bare bottom and paddled until it was very red and sore

Miss Chris swings the leather paddle hard at Melody Nore's bare bottom

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