Chelsea Pfeiffer in Inappropriate Viewing

Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles a naked Sarah Gregory OTK

This scene sees the welcome return of Chelsea Pfeiffer to Sarah Gregory Pass with her playing the strict mom in the title of the website: Momma Spankings! For a long time Chelsea has been one of the most well-known spankers on the internet and you can see why she’s liked in how she deals with naughty Sarah Gregory here…

Mom is not happy to get a bill from the cable company for over $100 dollars. Sarah has been using mom’s credit card to pay for pay per view female prison shows and movies. Mom is very upset and has her naughty daughter strip for a spanking and strapping. “Isn’t this how they humiliate the woman in those shows, make them strip?” says mom.

Sarah Gregory gets a hard paddling from Chelsea Pfeiffer in Inappropriate Viewing

If Dana Specht is the experienced mom, Sarah is the younger mom when she spanks younger models. That would mean that Chelsea Pfeiffer is somewhere inbetween. Chelsea looks as though she could possibly be Sarah’s mom (she’s the right kind of age with same hair color, at least) and is a potent blend of strict, sexy and hard-spanking. Chelsea also manages to combine a cool strictness with a sense of humor and humanity as she punishes a sexy lady’s bare bottom… often very hard indeed.

Watch this scene with “Momma Chelsea” plus the regular mommas Dana and Sarah at Momma Spankings.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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