Disappointing and Spoiled Daughter

Here are two maternal spanking scenes featuring bratty Sarah Gregory from Momma Spankings.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Disappointing Daughter

The first scene is called “The Disappointing Daughter” and has Dana Specht as the strict mom.

Sarah is out way past her curfew again and Momma sits up and waits for her with a leather strap on her lap ready to take action. As usual Sarah gives Momma a lame excuse but to no avail. She is flipped over Momma’s knee for a hard bare bottom spanking and an OTK strapping then sent to her room to get her pajamas on to be punished further. A strict on the bed strapping ensues while she struggles on the bed and cries real tears, leaving her pretty bottom red, welted and very sore.


Dana Specht gives Sarah an OTK strapping

Then, in “The Spoiled Brat“, mom (played by equally stern and hard-hitting Miss Chris) is not happy that her daughter has skipped school and has taken the new car to the beach instead, especially as it’s not even Sarah’s car and she tried to lie about it. Mom deals with her naughty daughter the way she knows best… by spanking that naughty bare bottom…

Miss Chris and Sarah Gregory in The Spoiled Brat

This second scene is an OTK hand spanking with no implements. But we always feel that Miss Chris does not need any implements to make a naughty bottom very sorry indeed… and very sore. Sarah is spanked over her skirt, then over her bikini bottoms, then on the bare bottom. Sarah may be a spoiled brat, but for how much longer..?

Miss Chris gives Sarah a hard OTK hand spanking

Watch these two scenes with two different but very strict moms at Sarah Gregory’s maternal F/F spanking website: Momma Spankings!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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