Two Marked Bottoms

Angel Lee pulls Sarah Gregory's panties down and gives her a hard hand spanking

One of the things about being an actual spanking model is that, while there may be plenty of people who want to spank you, you can’t always play as you’d like to because there may be a shoot coming up that you don’t want to be marked for. It might also be the case at spanking conventions that the number of fans is too many to get a decent spanking from each one. Thus, it seems that Sarah is always saying “I’m Sarah Gregory” and asking people to spank her very gently. So, when she’s playing with naughty Angel Lee, she is more than willing to be spanked but needs Angel to play softly so that she’ll be ok for her next shoot. Angel, however, has different ideas. Tired of hearing the same old line from Sarah she decides to pull her panties down and give her a proper OTK spanking on her bare bottom. Sarah is less than impressed, and neither is her boyfriend, John Osbourne, who is very unhappy indeed with Angel for breaking Sarah’s trust. So, John takes over and delivers a hard spanking to naughty Angel. He spanks her over the knee with hand, leather paddle and two different straps to make her bottom even redder and more marked than Sarah’s was…

John punishes Angel Lee with the leather strap for spanking Sarah too much

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

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