Adriana Evans bends for Wooden Paddle

Adriana Evans brats Miss Chris

If you like seeing a good, hard spanking with the wooden paddle then you’ll like “Adriana’s Painful Lesson“! Experienced spanking model, Adriana Evans gets a nice naked paddling from frighteningly strict Miss Chris (or Miss Chris Grey, as she’s called in this scene).

Sexy nude Adriana screws up her face as she reacts to the wooden paddle over the knee

Wearing nothing but her black shoes and a few tattoos, Adriana starts off smiling as she brats her way into the scene. But soon there is not even a smile to hide behind when Miss Chris starts to get into her swing. Bratty Adriana manages to continue to stoke the fire even while her bottom is on fire from the mean wooden paddle. However, there’s no doubt Miss Chris’ painful lesson will eventually get through.

Adriana Evans' plump, bare ass cheeks get well paddled

Bored at home one sunny afternoon, stunning Adriana decides to attract the attention of the pool boy by doing a strip tease in front of the windows. Sashaying back and forth while pulling off her tiny shorts and flannel shirt, Adriana is unaware that her older, wiser girlfriend, Miss Chris, is watching the spectacle and growing more incensed by the moment. Striding in to confront the naughty brunette, Miss Chris delivers a scathing scolding on the dangers of reckless exhibitionism. When Adriana scoffs at Miss Chris’ common sense advice and is rude to her friend and benefactor, Miss Chris doesn’t hesitate to drag the fully nude beauty face down over her lap and spank the living daylights out of her. The hard, indignant spanking brings out the wicked little brat in sex kitten Adriana and she baits Miss Chris as much as she dares to, even while yowling in pain at her female patron’s discipline.

Adriana Evans bends over the couch naked for a final paddling on her sore bottom

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