Spanking Models: Kyanna Lei

Kyanna Lei

Kyanna is one of the cutest girls on Spanked Sweeties, here she’s debuting in the “Never Been Spanked” section, and she is a game girl. She was hired her not only as a she’d never been spanked on film so was ideal for the “Never Been Spanked” section, but she also auditioned to play the role of Kara in the spanking soap opera Kara Prepare Yourself.

This spanking started off with an interview with Clare Fonda and then we go straight into the spanking with an OTK warm up with Clare. For this first part of the spanking Kyanna is kind of tough and doesn’t react much, her bottom is very muscular as well and may be able to take quite a bit of spanking. She definitely got more reactive as Clare continued spanking and then, for the second part it’s the turn of the cameraman who slaps Kyanna’s sore, pink buttocks with hard, steady smacks. She ended up getting through it nervously and reactively but conceding it was a somewhat pleasurable experience. It is great stuff when she pops up in the cameraman’s lap, surprised at the impact of one of his hard spanks.

This was the first shoot at Clare’s new spanking location and they haven’t perfected the lighting yet on this shoot but Kyanna’s cuteness shines thru and is hot and sexy as her cute asian buns are spanked hard OTK. See more interviews and first-time spankings at Spanked Sweeties.

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