Spanking Update: Boobs and Ass at Spanked Sweeties

Two naughty girls, Daffodil and Kayla, get spanked by Clare Fonda and Lana

Spanked Sweeties has some of the hottest disciplinary spanking movies out there. I love the way a strict girl/girl spanking can often mean plenty of boobs and ass along with the hard smacks of the spanking. Above, Clare and Lana are spanking two very naughty girls OTK. Lana’s tight red top shows off her ample bosom as her firm hand spanks naughty Daffodil.

And then, if you like boobs and spanking you’ll love this shot of Kayla’s sexy cleavage in a tight white blouse that is open at the top and shows off her boobs as she spanks a naughty girl..

Kayla shows off her boobs as she spanks Daffodil

Dressing in a slutty manner can often lead to a spanking. In this movie Vixen’s boobs are shown off as she lays OTK in a low-cut top and her mascara runs down her face as she starts to cry. Those gorgeous breasts almost jump out of her top as she wiggles from the spanking..

Being spanked in a slutty low-cut top shows off Vixen's boobs

Spanked Sweeties has a good mix of spanked girls. Here is Christie Lee, naked and reflecting on her spanking as she looks in the mirror. Christie is hot and so is that ass. Mmmm mmmm..

Christie Lee looks at her naked body in the mirror after a spanking

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