Multi Generational Spanking

Momma slaps Mandie Rae's face

Wow, this is a hard and long FF/F spanking that sees naughty Mandie Rae get quite a severe spanking and strapping. While the bulk of the punishment is on Mandie’s bare bottom, things start off when Dana Specht gives Mandie a face slap, above. Sarah Gregory plays Mandie’s mom and it was she who had gone to Dana for advice. In spanking land there can be only one solution to an out-of-control 18+ teen…

Dana Specht spanks Mandie Rae OTK while Sarah Gregory watches in this multi generational spanking

Mandie starts off wearing an outfit with a short skirt, showing off her long legs, and a top that reads “Disobey”. She is first of all spanked in this sexy modern outfit before changing into something that is much more to Momma’s tastes for the end of the punishment, a hard strapping as she bends over, then kneels on the blue seat. In between there is plenty of spanking as Mandie is spanked in different stages by both Sarah and Dana. Even, the mom, Sarah gets an OTK spanking for her part in all the drama.

Mandie is sent to her room crying her eyes out then Momma turns the tables on Sarah and orders her over her knee for a well deserved spanking for not being the strict mother she should be. After they both spank Mandie otk again and strap her.

None of these ladies are related in real life, and Sarah is very young to be Mandie’s mom, but this scene does have the feel of a three generational spanking. You can imagine a woman going to her mom about the granddaughter, then both mother and daughter getting well-punished by the strict grandmother.

Mandie Rae gets strapped by both Sarah and Dana on her sore, red bottom

This long scene is called “You Must Spank Your Daughter” and is currently being added at Momma Spankings. You can join Momma Spankings together with Sarah Gregory’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass for a great value deal!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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