New Look Spanked Sweeties and 600 posts…

New makeover for Spanked Sweeties

Today is just a double announcement post… there is a brand new look and feel to Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties AND SpankBadAss is up to 600 spankalicious posts.

Not sure whether it seems like I’ve done more or less than 600 but it definitely feels good and plenty more to come!!

Spanked Sweeties was Clare Fonda’s first spanking website in the modern era (there were websites in the past but they have been and gone). The reason the site is different to a lot of websites is that each “sweetie” gets her own profile with lots of movies and pictures of her not only being spanked but also talking about her spanking experiences. There is also quite a large “Never Been Spanked” area for those of you who like seeing a naughty girl’s first ever spanking. There is a big cast of sexy babes here with some household names and some girls you may not recognise. Each girl has an interview, sometimes there is a pre-spanking chat, then after the spanking she goes on to say how it felt. Other times the sweetie will chat about the real-life spankings she was given growing up.

Anyway, the redesign looks great, here’s a preview of the members area…

New makeover for Spanked Sweeties

That’s it for today see you at post 601!!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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