Hard hand spanking and Strapping

Lily Swan gets a hard hand spanking and strapping

One of the great things about spanking models and spankees is that you can often push them to their limits… and their limits can be quite high. Lily Swan is a fairly new-ish model and here she gets a very hard hand spanking and strapping in a domestic discipline scenario. In Lily’s Painful Lesson, she has returned home after her curfew and is wearing slutty attire with no panties. There’s nothing to be done apart from spank her naughty bare bottom.

It’s a hard spanking, Lily struggles and reacts to the sharp pains in her bottom. The more she struggles and kicks, her dad, played by Robert Shore, has to secure her in place…

Lily is a fighter and dad has to leg lock her down. After a hard hand spanking, daddy takes his leather strap to his now contrite daughter.

Lily Swan struggles when her bare bottom is spanked hard over the knee

This is a nice example of a sexy spanking model getting a good, hard spanking. For more of Lily Swan, and Sarah Gregory, and many more spanking models often getting very hard spankings check out… Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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