Sasha Spanks Alanah Rae

James Mitchell scolds Alanah Rae, who already has a lovely pink bottom

At the time of writing only the first part of this update had been added but I gotta tell you that the one part of this update is worth the price of admission, and with more to come I am salivating!

Anyways, why am I so excited? Well, that lovely bottom you see getting rubbed, above, belongs to the amazingly sexy Alanah Rae and here she’s getting a good seeing to from two strict spankers… when Alanah bends her plump bottom over Sasha Reardon‘s firm lap her beautiful globes are already blushed a rosy red color but Alanah has yet to endure a firm hand-spanking from this strict redhead. As Sasha begins to slap those wonderful ass cheeks on top of the tight, little dress she has on, her bottom wobbles and reacts wondrously to every slap. Alanah looks so submissive with her blond hair tied back in a ponytail, especially when Sasha pulls her head up by yanking her hair back so James Mitchell can see her face as she’s spanked…

Sasha Reardon gets to grips with Alanah by yanking her hair back and spanking her lovely, round bottom

…but, it keeps getting better… James doesn’t think that Sasha is spanking hard enough so he tells her so. Sasha’s expression changes and she begins to spank a lot slower but much harder. Sexy Alanah’s expression changes too and we’re about to enter into some kind of spanking paradise…

Check it out and download the previous spanking of Alanah’s perfect bottom by Clare Fonda in full only at…

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